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Prolific Travel Blogger Kathy Petrino Recommends Sedona

July 23, 2019
People who read her blog posts know Kathy Petrino to be an enthusiastic traveler with a strong desire to see everything possible. Thankfully for readers, Kathy enjoys writing about everything she sees. Her fondest desire is to make it possible for everyone to have the same great experiences she has had, without the hiccups. That includes one of Kathy Petrino’s favorite destinations, which could very well be one of the world’s best-kept secrets; the small town of Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona has grown in popularity in recent decades, but many travelers don’t go because they assume it’s too trendy, which usually means too expensive. She knows that, but Kathy Petrino advises her readers that it’s possible to see Sedona without shelling out big bucks. There are many great things to see and do, and it’s possible to do things on the cheap. Just walking the streets can be a great experience; Downtown Sedona features many really nice shops and restaurants. Because it is a relatively small area, walking it is easy, which is helpful in summer, when temperatures can top 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A trip to Sedona must include a visit to one of city's famous “vortexes.” Some years back, Sedona was at the center of a New Age movement, which designated Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, and Boynton Canyon as spiritual “vortexes,” that facilitate prayer, meditation, and healing.